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"I have been using Richard R. Dillon Accounting & Bookkeeping LLC services for ten years. I have found Mr. Dillon to be very reputable and reliable in working with my company. He has been prompt and honest with his work with my business operations. There have not been any issues with either State or Federal agencies for tax reports filed by Mr. Dillon on my behalf. I highly recommend Richard R. Dillon Accounting & Bookkeeping LLC and would be pleased to respond to any questions regarding his professional services."

-Terry L. Park, owner, Terry Designs, Kirkland, WA

"Dick is an outstanding professional:dedicated to keeping accurate books, meeting all government reporting regulations, researching accounting inquiries, and providing me with status reports in a timely manner. He is very detail oriented and well informed about standard accounting practices. His experience and knowledge,as well as dedication to excellence give me great confidence in his work. Not only is his work impeccable,but his love of his work is reflected in his "can-do" attitude. He is a person of great integrity, with a pleasant personal style that makes him a valued member of our team."

-Kristine Frost, Operations Director, Children's Institute For Learning Differences, Mercer Island, WA

“We have been working with Dick since 2011. When we first came to him, we had a mess on our hands. He helped us work through the issues and resolve them. He was always kind and thorough in his explanations and was never judgmental or condescending. His explanations were always complete and accurate. Every question was answered in a timely and complete manner. We have appreciated his work this past year (2012) and look forward to many more years. More than being a great accountant, he’s a good guy! “

-Brandon and Judy Smith, Adaptyne Technologies, Ronan, MT

"When I first came to Mr. Dillon I had been employed as an Overseas Contractor. I had worked overseas for a little over two and a half years. With my limited knowledge of tax laws concerning overseas contractors, I suddenly found myself with a mountain of paperwork. Upon meeting Mr. Dillon, I found him to be a very calm, well mannered, business professional. He quickly researched the appropriate tax laws and was able to bring a most satisfying resolution to my problem. I was so impressed with Mr. Dillon that I hired him to handle the business of all tax requirements, as well as an adviser, on a new business venture I launched in February of 2012. Mr. Dillon has not only proved to be very knowledgeable, but also affordable. I must say without a doubt that I am a very satisfied client."

-Daniel Wood Owner, Daniel Wood Pilot Car Service LLC Marion, Montana